About Us

ONGlist is an on-line tool for Oil and Gas Operators to connect with the Service Industries supporting advancements in Oil and Gas Exploration and Production.


ONG Directory

The ONG Directory in ONGlist assists Oil and Natural Gas Exploration and Production companies by providing a dynamic platform listing companies that provide particular services in searchable lists of applicable service categories. ONG Directory permits ONG Operators to easily search its list of service categories and respective service companies. The ONG Operator is able to search numerous categories of service types and locate those individual suppliers in a geographic area near your operations. ONGlist encourages all service companies involved and supportive of the ONG industry to list their company’s unique services in the ONG Directory.

As a service provider or supplier the ONG Directory is the website that gives your business the necessary exposure it needs to connect with the growing Oil and Natural Gas Industry’s needs. ONGlist’s on-line Directory is on-track to be the premiere interactive website dedicated to connecting businesses to the energy industry’s ever expanding and specialized needs.

ONG Market

ONGlist has developed and provides a website marketplace in which ONG Exploration and Production Companies and Industry Suppliers can advertise New, Used, Rental and Lease equipment in an easy to Post and Search format.

The ONG Market section of ONGlist provides a forum for interested parties to post an advertisement for equipment, machinery or excess inventory for sale. Interested buyers will have the opportunity to search all available item categories and contact the seller for further inquiry and/or purchase. All purchases, rental or leases of goods or services are strictly between the seller and buyer.

Water is an extremely valuable natural resource and an integral part of the natural gas well completion process. As a Natural Gas Operator the location of Water Sources in close proximity to your operational area is a constant logistical challenge. The ONG Market brings the Water Supplier and ONG Operator together by providing an on-line forum of suppliers listing their water sources in an easy to search format. Operators will now be able to geographically locate water sources including Municipal Water Authorities, Private Third-Party Companies and ONG Operators with permitted and established withdrawal locations.

ONGlist welcomes your business to advertise with the newest Business to Business support community in the Oil and Gas Industry.